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Quality, Long-Lasting and Affordable Cut Edge Corrosion Treatment in Norwich

Is your industrial unit’s roof starting to leak? It may be because the metal sheets on your roof have started to corrode at the edges. Soon enough, those corroded edges can cause an entire roof sheet or even multiple sheets to degrade, which eventually leads to water penetration. It’s crucial to address the problem promptly to prevent the corrosion from reaching your roof’s fixtures, and cut edge corrosion treatment in Norwich is the perfect solution.

Our advanced treatment can be used to treat cut edge corrosion in Norwich in its early stages, which could save you thousands of pounds in roof repairs. Moreover, our cut edge corrosion treatment can survive for decades with minimal-required maintenance, allowing you to focus on your job instead of worrying about your building’s condition.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Cut edge corrosion is the corrosion that attacks the cut edge of metal roof sheets at the end of the sheet where the roof discharges into the gutter and on the overlaps where sheet are joined down the roof slope. It is also seen on the side laps, but much less common. Corrosion sets in at the cut edge where there is no coating on the exposed steel substrate (Predominately in the valley of the sheet) and works its way up the steel, lifting the coating. If left un-treated, it will continue to corrode the sheet to the point where water starts to penetrate the building or roof cavity, worse still the primary roof fixings become isolated resulting in the roof not being secured.

On inspection, a decision has to be made as to the effectiveness of a cut edge treatment. There is a point at which if the corrosion is severe, i.e. many primary fixings are so exposed or corroded that roof replacement, sheet replacement, or over sheeting is the only viable option.

Key Features
  • SheetGuard can be applied from temperatures as low as -5%
  • Independently tested to confirm elasticity in excess of 600%
  • Complete cut edge treatment system available
  • Can be used for sheet overlaps and sheet edge
Key Benefits
  • Wider operating temperature
  • Greater Elasticity
  • Reduced site labour
  • Versatile application

Why Choose Us for Roof Protection?

We’ve become one of the most highly recommended companies for cut edge corrosion treatment thanks to our commitment to being honest with our customers. In some cases, our advanced treatment is not sufficient to repair severely corroded metal roofing sheets, but you can trust us to recommend the most cost-effective form of action because we understand the value of repeat business.

We’re more than happy to visit your premises at a time that suits you to inspect the damage before identifying the problem and repairing it to the highest industry standards. Polycarbonate roofing in Norwich represents the best way to tackle cut edge corrosion, so if you want to learn more about our advanced solutions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Cut Edge Corrosion

Corrosion primarily on surface. Apply SheetGuard Cut edge treatment.

Corrosion effecting overlap sheet, but not reaching primary fixing. Apply SheetGuard cut edge treatment plus repair system

Corrosion to both under and overlap sheet, apply SheetGuard Cut edge treatment to full corroded area plus repair system where necessary.

Severe corrosion, primary fixings possibly corroded, sheet failure likely. Roof replacement probably best solution.

Learn More about Warehouse Roofing in Norwich

There’s nothing worse than finding out that your roof is allowing water to penetrate your building, which poses a health risk to your workers and could result in damaged stock and assets. Fortunately, thanks to cut edge corrosion treatment, you can restore your roof to its previous condition without having to pay for costly repairs. Learn more about cut edge corrosion in Norwich by calling us on 01603 890051.

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